Timeline — ShadeBonds & Airdrop Part Two

Greetings community,

Timeline — ShadeBonds & Airdrop Part Two

Greetings community,

In this blog post, we officially reveal the ShadeBonds product launch timeline. Additionally, the timeline for the second shade airdrop is revealed for those who qualified for the airdrop. This airdrop will unlock the next 10% of the Shade airdrop for qualified users who also interact with the official Shade Bond airdrop smart contract.

As Shade Protocol steadily moves towards the launch of SILK, ShadeLend, and ShadeSwap in the fall — there has never been a better time to join the community!

As we like to say: “…there is plenty of room in the Shade…”


The following is the official timeline for Shade Bonds:

  • LP Campaign (August 27th — September 26th)
  • Bonds (September 12th)
  • Airdrop — Part 2 (September 22nd)
  • SILK Bond — (September 25th)

The LP Campaign, Bonds, Airdrop Part 2, and SILK Bond will begin at 2:00 pm. UTC on their respective dates.

LP Campaign (August 27th — September 26th)

In order to ensure the success of Shade Bonds, deeper liquidity is required to make bond opportunities more attractive. Additionally, Shade Protocol core contributors want to give users time to mint protocol desired LP tokens in advance of the ShadeBonds launch on September 12th.

LP Campaign details are as follows:

To prepare for the LP campaign and the first ShadeBond opportunity you will need to perform the following:

Bonds (September 12th)


For those unfamiliar, Shade Bonds are a powerful mechanism by which the ShadeDAO will be able to grow its set of protocol owned assets which can then be utilized to generate both liquidity for Shade Apps and yield for the protocol. The launch of bonds signals the beginning of deeper liquidity for users and powerful yield opportunities.

Learn About ShadeBonds

The first ShadeBond offered will be for stkd-SCRT / SHD LP tokens. Simply deposit your stkd-SCRT / SHD LP token into the smart contract, wait for your vesting period to complete, and claim your SHD — earning yield from the discounted bond.

Other Cosmos focused ShadeBonds will be announced in the coming month — bringing in Cosmos liquidity into the ShadeDAO in advance of ShadeSwap, SILK, and ShadeLend.

Airdrop — Part 2 (September 22nd)

To claim the next 10% of their SHD airdrop, qualified users will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have staked $ATOM, $SCRT, or $LUNA (pre-collapse) in 2021 from November 7th 5:00 pm. (UTC +0) through December 13th at 5:00 pm (UTC +0) — check to see if you qualified on the airdrop page.
  • Interact with the sSCRT Airdrop Bond released on September 22nd
Shade Protocol Snapshot Details
Greetings Shade Protocol community! It has been one month since Shade Protocol on Secret Network was announced to the…

SILK Bond (September 25th)

The first SILK Bond will be offered on September 25th — more details will be revealed on SILK bonds in the coming weeks. SILK bonds will aim to acquire stablecoin liquidity for the ShadeDAO and ShadeSwap.

Protocol Impact


The following are the benefits accrued with the targeted liquidity campaign, bonds, and the second airdrop:

  • Deeper liquidity for SHD — making bond opportunities more attractive
  • ShadeDAO accruing stablecoin liquidity
  • Additional adoption of stkd-SCRT, a revenue stream for Shade Protocol
  • Accrue fees from protocol owned liquidity that is simultaneously yield bearing
  • Acquire COSMOS assets that will be used by the ShadeDAO for bootstrapping LP pools
  • Acquire assets to bootstrap protocol owned arbitrage.
  • User acquisition as return users discover the progress that has been made by Shade Protocol (staking derivatives, multi-chain airdrop, bonds)


Shade Protocol is an ambitious array of application-layer products focused on a simple end user experience that involves the incorporation of privacy by default. These interconnected privacy-preserving DeFi products built on Secret Network will change DeFi as we know it — empowering the next generation of value creation and exchange. Shade Protocol is launching Silk: a privacy-preserving collateralized, reflexive stablecoin built on Secret Network.

Without privacy, DeFi is incomplete. Traditional financial markets offer a degree of privacy for users, and as a result offer up greater protections in some capacity than existing DeFi markets. Shade Protocol will be the world’s first cohesive set of decentralized and privacy-preserving financial applications — ushering in a golden era for Web3. Shade Protocol will always push for privacy by default, privacy as an expectation, and privacy as the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future.

But we can’t do this without community. We need you to join our community and help make Silk and Shade Protocol a reality.

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