Shade Protocol Supports MetaMask & Ethereum Users + Private DeFi

Shade Protocol successfully integrates MetaMask, the largest crypto wallet with over 30,000,000 monthly active users.

Shade Protocol Supports MetaMask & Ethereum Users + Private DeFi

Greetings community,

We are proud to announce Shade Protocol successfully launched in-app support for MetaMask, the largest crypto wallet with over 30,000,000 monthly active users. At Shade Protocol, we believe global accessibility to financial applications is represents an open door to digital sovereignty, decentralized money, and economic freedom. Now 30 million Metamask users have seamless access to Shade.  

In order to expand global accessibility, Shade Protocol needs to expand SILK and dApp support for fiat on ramps, off ramps, and as many crypto wallets as possible. To date, Shade Protocol supports the following:

While this a great start for crypto wallet support, we are far from the finish line. You can expect more Ethereum wallets to be integrated over time such as Wallet Connect, Exodus, Atomic, and more. Additionally, support for Leap Wallet (a popular alternative to Keplr in Cosmos) is just around the corner.

The Power Of MetaMask

With MetaMask connectivity, Shade Protocol users can sign any transaction on the Shade App with their MetaMask wallet. Most importantly, the Shade Protocol Ethereum bridge experience only needs one wallet instead of two.

Ethereum users can interact with the Shade App as if it is just another Ethereum L2.

Shade Protocol is currently in progress of adding additional support for the Ethereum bridging experience - ensuring that users can track the status of their transaction and assets every step of their journey towards private DeFi. Additionally, an automated gas faucet is being created such that users arriving from Ethereum will automatically have their wallets seeded with SCRT, reducing the friction of immediately interacting with ShadeSwap, ShadeLend, etc.

Why Private DeFi For Ethereum & MetaMask

Shade DeFi has a simple thesis: your financial data should be private. Trading strategies, liquidation price points, and transactions in mempools are all valuable metadata that if unprotected, can ultimately be leveraged to extract value from users via MEV, sandwich attacks, copy-cat trading, and oracle manipulation. Shade DeFi offers the following protects:

  • 100% front-running resistant trading
  • Private token balances
  • Private token transfers
  • Private liquidation price points
  • Private by default stablecoin $SILK

We believe that privacy is the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future.

An Ethereum Introduction To Shade Protocol - Blog
Dive into Shade Protocol’s introduction for Ethereum users. Learn about our DeFi solutions, encrypted smart contract metadata, and how to get started with private DeFi.

Bridge ETH Into Private DeFi

To begin your private DeFi journey, we encourage you to take the following steps:

(1) Install MetaMask

(2) Navigate to

(3) Connect your MetaMask

(5) Bridge in Ethereum assets

(6) Enjoy Private DeFi on Shade Protocol


Without privacy, DeFi is incomplete. Traditional financial markets offer a degree of privacy for users, and as a result offer up greater protections in some capacity than existing DeFi markets. Shade Protocol will be the world’s first truly cohesive decentralized and privacy-preserving financial applications — ushering in a golden era for Web3. Shade Protocol will always push for privacy by default, privacy as an expectation, and privacy as the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future.

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