Shade Protocol Dev Update: A Deep Dive into Our Progress

Greetings community,

Shade Protocol Dev Update: A Deep Dive into Our Progress

Welcome to the second installment of our Shade Protocol Dev updates. Our team, a diverse group of over 10 core contributors from around the globe, is dedicated to keeping our community informed about our progress.

Overhauled Landing Page

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our developers, we've addressed over 15 Github issues and launched the overhauled landing page for on October 4th, 2021. Our front-end developers are now focusing on creating the UI/UX application interactions, a phase that will involve significant user feedback and testing.

In Progress

Our ongoing projects include:

  1. Designing the framework and specification for the Synthesis SCRT staking.
  2. Developing the Shade Staking contract.
  3. Creating the Sky (automated arb) spec.
  4. Generating UI/UX LoFi Wireframes and gathering user feedback.
  5. Developing the Governance contract.


We've made significant strides in our technical development:

  1. Deployed the Shade Protocol Testnet contract.
  2. Developed DAO entry minting contracts.
  3. Created a Silk to Shade conversion contract.
  4. Developed a Shade to Silk conversion minting contract.
  5. Integrated the Band Protocol contract.
  6. Developed the Synthesis treasury contract.
  7. Created front-end contract interactions with SecretJS.
  8. Developed V1 Front-end UI.
  9. Completed SecretSwap integration on testnet.
  10. Created a basic governance contract skeleton.
  11. Finalized the airdrop script.
  12. Completed initial GripTape integration.
  13. Developed the airdrop equation.
  14. Launched the Landing Page.


Our upcoming projects include:

  1. Developing the Sky arb dividend contract.
  2. Creating the trigger-layer for Shade Protocol.
  3. Integrating SecretJS/UX into new contracts.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Telegram channel!