Shade Protocol Dev Updates: A Comprehensive Progress Report

Stay updated with the latest developments in Shade Protocol. From non-technical accomplishments to ongoing projects, we're making progress every step of the way.

Shade Protocol Dev Updates: A Comprehensive Progress Report
Dev Update #1

Welcome to the first in a series of Shade Protocol Dev updates. Our team, consisting of over 10 core contributors worldwide, is committed to transparency and progress. We believe in the importance of communicating our progress, as it is the heart of every project.

Non-Technical Accomplishments

We've made significant strides in our non-technical accomplishments:

  1. We've produced 5 whitepapers, with 3 now available to the public.
  2. Our official product announcement was made in September in Omaha.
  3. Our community has grown to over 1,000 Twitter followers and 500+ Telegram members.
  4. We've conducted multiple interviews and weekly Q&As.
  5. We've completed the brand book for Silk & Shade Protocol.
  6. Our marketing and integration strategy has been established.
  7. We've been awarded the Silk Grant.

Non-Technical In-Progress

Our ongoing non-technical efforts include:

  1. Acquiring additional interviews.
  2. Speaking engagements at DeFi events.
  3. Developing educational content about Shade Protocol.
  4. BizDev product integration acquisition.


We've made significant technical progress:

  1. Deployed the Shade Protocol Testnet contract.
  2. Developed DAO entry minting contracts.
  3. Created a Silk to Shade conversion contract.
  4. Developed a Shade to Silk conversion minting contract.
  5. Integrated the Band Protocol contract.
  6. Developed the Synthesis treasury contract.
  7. Created front-end contract interactions with SecretJS.
  8. Developed V1 Front-end UI.
  9. Completed SecretSwap integration on testnet.
  10. Created a basic governance contract skeleton.
  11. Finalized the airdrop script.
  12. Completed initial GripTape integration.

In Development

Our ongoing technical projects include:

  1. Developing the Synthesis treasury SCRT staking contract.
  2. Working on the Shade staking contract.
  3. Developing the governance contract.
  4. Creating the Sky arb contract.
  5. Developing the Sky arb dividend contract.
  6. Working on the Sky trigger-layer.
  7. Developing the staking contract reward distribution.
  8. Overhauling the landing page.
  9. Overhauling the UI/UX V2.
  10. Developing the airdrop equation.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Telegram channel!

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