Shade Protocol Airdrop Calculator

Greetings Shade community,

Shade Protocol Airdrop Calculator

Greetings Shade community,

The Shade Protocol Airdrop Calculator is LIVE!

The Shade Calculator is the result of hours of hard work and feedback from a range of Shade contributors — providing one of the smoothest multichain calculator experiences to date. The calculator empowers users to import and check their individual wallets for the SHD airdrop, with automated wallet detection turning the calculation process into a seamless user experience.

SHD Airdrop Calculator:

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(4) Detailed breakdown

There were four categories attached to the airdrop: base airdrop amount, qualified node staking bonus (as specified in the original airdrop blog), and a small 0.1% of airdrop for those that staked with core Shade Protocol network contributors. Finally, Shade Protocol implemented a whale cap on each of the individual network as well as whale splitting anomaly wallet address detection and correlation.


Distribution of the airdrop is as follows:

(1) Total public airdrop: 14.5% — 1,450,000 SHD

(2) Base airdrop amount: 10% — 1,000,000SHD

(a) 36% of the 10%, SCRT — 360,000 SHD

(b) 32% of the 10%, ATOM — 320,000 SHD

(c ) 32% of the 10%, LUNA — 320,000 SHD

(3) Airdrop Decentralized Qualifier Bonus: 1.5% — 150,000 SHD
(4) Core Contributor node bonuses: 0.1% — 10,000 SHD (for those who staked with a core contributor node, such as Secure Secrets)

(5) Protocol task bonuses (at mainnet launch): 1.4% — 140,000 SHD

(6) Incentivized testnet: 1.5% — 150,000 SHD


The following is a granular breakdown of airdrop total rewards, base airdrop amount totals, and the airdrop decentralized qualifier bonus.

Base airdrop amounts
Base airdrop amounts
Base airdrop amounts
Base airdrop amounts
Airdrop decentralized qualifier bonus
Airdrop decentralized qualifier bonus
Airdrop decentralized qualifier bonus

Whale Cap

Due to internal Shade community feedback, a larger whalecap was applied to push 7.6% of the 14.5% of airdrop supply to instead be allocated to smaller stakers. This drastically changed the distribution in favor of smaller stakers, and will increase decentralization of the protocol. A special thank you to contributors that spotted the centralization of the airdrop, and offered up actionable recommendations to distribution.

Whale cap changes per community feedback, 7.6% total supply allocation shift to smaller stakers

North America Holidays

Core developers and contributors will be taking time off away from the world of blockchain and coding by spending time with family and friends during the North America holidays from December 18th — January 2nd. Thank you for understanding that those who are hard at work with building Shade Protocol are human too, and deserve a break from the craziness that is the world of blockchain!

Upon return from the holidays, final code reviews of the Shade Protocol airdrop contract with be finalized. Once this process is complete, an airdrop date will be released to the larger public. Due to the impact of the holidays on this timeline, the airdrop will be targeting mid-January to the 1st of February 2022, with an extremely high likelihood of falling in this time range. Internally, a crunch could have been made to try to force the airdrop to the start of January. But in this case, patience felt prudent especially when the final steps include internal code review of the airdrop contract.

Thank you for your dedicated staking, Shade Protocol looks forward to releasing the official airdrop date. Tokenomics will be released on the day of the SHD airdrop.

Happy Holidays!




Shade Airdrop Calculator: