Shade Dev Update #3

Greetings community,

Shade Dev Update #3

Greetings community,

The following is the third of various Shade Protocol Dev updates. Shade Protocol consists of 10+ core contributors from all over the world from multiple organizations and backgrounds.

Overhauled Landing Page

Since the creation of the landing page last week, the front-end developers are now shifting to creation of the UI/UX application interactions. These are the proposed wireframes for the application:

Interested in becoming a UI/UX contributor? Fill out the following form and give feedback on the above UI! Your feedback will be appreciated and incorporated, with a chance for you to earn rewards :)

In Progress

(1) Design framework / specification for the Synthesis SCRT staking

Progress was made from last week on this — gas optimization and trigger layer interaction are the main components remaining of this step.

(2) Sky (automated arb) spec

(3) Front-end website routing

(4) SEO optimization

(5) User feedback -> implementation round #1


This week, the staking and governance contract were completed. Additionally, the front-end developers transitioned from LoFi to higher resolution wireframe mockups.

(1) Shade Protocol Testnet contract deployment

(2) DAO entry minting contracts

(3) Silk -> Shade conversion contract

(4) Shade -> Silk conversion minting contract

(5) Band Protocol contract integration

(6) Synthesis treasury contract

(7) Front-end contract interactions with SecretJS

(8) V1 Front-end UI

(9) SecretSwap integration on testnet

(10) Basic governance contract skeleton

(11) Airdrop script

(12) Initial GripTape integration

(13) Airdrop equation

(14) Landing Page

(15) Shade Staking contract (new)

(16) Governance contract — text &parameter proposals (new)

(17) UI/UX LoFi wireframes / user feedback (new)

Previously, everything was categorized as “In Progress”. To give a better idea of what is not currently in progress, but will be soon, is now categorized as “remaining”.


(1) Sky arb dividend contract

(2) Auto rebasement feature

Stay tuned for more updates!

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