How to Increase Gas Fees

How to Increase Gas Fees

When you make transactions on the Secret Network such as interacting with DeFi applications like Shade Protocol, you need to pay gas fees. This "gas fee" covers the cost of computation needed to process and validate your transactions on the Secret Network blockchain.

If the gas fee submitted by a user upon signing a transaction is set too low, the transaction may fail. If the transaction fails because of low gas, users will see an error message stating "Out of Gas".

Currently, the most common dApp interactions in which a user might experience "Out of Gas" errors are those claiming rewards. This is a result of the increasing reward campaigns emitted for various parts of the Shade dApps such as SHD staking, Liquidity Pools, and the Earn pool (liquidations). However, if users experience an "Out of Gas" error while interacting with any of the Shade dApps, you can use the same steps in this guide to resolve the issue.

Here's a quick step by step guide on how to avoid that by increasing gas fees in your Keplr wallet. This is also applicable for other browser extension wallets.


  • Keplr browser extension installed
  • Some $SCRT tokens in your Keplr wallet for paying gas fees

For Earn Pools:

  1. Go to Borrow > Earn > Claim rewards. Click "Claim Rewards".
  2. Your Keplr extension will pop up. Click "Transaction Fees" > Edit the Gas Fees to increase> Close.
  3. Now you can click Approve.

For Liquidity Pool Rewards:

  1. Go to Swap > Pools > Click "Claim" on the pool.
  2. In your Keplr extension, click "Transaction Fees" > Increase the Gas Fees > Close.
  3. Now you can click Approve.

For Unstaking $SHD Rewards:

  1. Go to Stake > Claim Rewards > Select to "Compound" or "Claim".
  2. In Keplr, click "Transaction Fees" > Increase the Gas Fees > Close.
  3. Now you can click Approve.


Gas fees are essential for transactions. If you are still getting an error or need assistance, head to our Discord channel, #help-and-support.

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