Bridging Assets from Ethereum to Secret Network Using Shade Protocol

This blog demonstrates how to use the new Eth bridge and gas faucet built by Shade Protocol using MetaMask. This bridging process applies for all Ethereum assets.

Bridging Assets from Ethereum to Secret Network Using Shade Protocol

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Ethereum integration with MetaMask, allowing seamless access to private DeFi on Secret Network for Ethereum users. This guide will walk through how to use the new eth bridge and gas faucet built by Shade Protocol step-by-step.

Bridging Ethereum assets like ETH and ERC-20 tokens to Secret Network is an important step to benefit from private DeFi. By bringing your assets to Secret Network, you can keep your balances, transaction history, and activity private while still interacting with DeFi protocols.

Step 1 - Connect MetaMask Wallet

First, connect your MetaMask wallet to Shade Protocol and select "Full App + Bridge" access when prompted. This will allow full integration for bridging assets directly from MetaMask as well as using Shade's private DeFi features.

If you prefer, you can also select to just use MetaMask for bridging and deposit assets into an existing Keplr wallet later. However for the easiest experience, we recommend full app access.

Step 2 - Input Asset Amount and Bridge

Next, input the amount of ETH you want to bridge to Secret Network. Double check the amount and token, then select "Bridge".

This will initiate the bridging transaction. You'll need to approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet to continue. Approving this transaction is important - it authorizes the bridging contract to pull your assets from Ethereum.

Once approved, your assets are on their way to Secret Network!

Step 3 - Track Transfer and Complete

You'll see a pending transfer window appear in the top right corner. You can click this to see detailed tracking of your assets bridging from Ethereum to Secret Network.

This tracker will show every step, along with links to block explorers so you can verify your transaction status. Having visibility into the bridging process is important for transparency.

Once your assets arrive on Secret Network, you'll see a "Complete Transfer" button appear. Click this to finish the bridging process.

Step 4 - Create Viewing Key and Get SCRT for Gas

This next step is crucial - you need to create a Viewing Key and get SCRT (the native gas token of Secret Network) to interact with private DeFi protocols.

Creating a Viewing Key allows you to see your private token balances and transaction history. Without it, your activity is invisible - even to you!

New Ethereum users won't have SCRT for gas yet, so Shade's gas faucet handles both in a single transaction for simplicity.

When you click "Create Viewing Key and Get SCRT" you'll see a preview of the SCRT you'll receive. This is provided by a fee grant to cover gas and key creation costs.

Step 5 - Approve the Transaction

The final step is approving the Viewing Key and gas transaction. Once confirmed, you'll have SCRT for transacting on Secret Network and a Viewing Key to see your new private ETH or ERC-20 balance.

That's it! You've now successfully bridged assets from Ethereum to Secret Network and can start using private DeFi protocols like Shade for trading, lending and more!

We're excited to open up private DeFi to the Ethereum community. Try bridging your assets today and see the benefits of financial privacy!

Information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute formal investment advice. Please read the full disclaimer at before relying on any information herein.